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Which Road To Take? 



Thomas Roos 

Cinematography / Photography

Thomas Roos

Assistant / BTS Photography

Ruth de Freitas


Sean Grey


Cape Town, South Africa


Harley Davidson Cape Town

Every day, millions of people hit the road. Most of them however, are on the way to work, to an office they may have come to hate, working for a boss they don't like, just to pay for the very car they drive. What do they long for while endlessly waiting in traffic jams? This clip explores the other road to take. 

This critical short is about contemporary society and life choices. Featuring motorbikes, and breathtaking sunsets with thunder and lightning. It was shot on one afternoon in Cape Town, South Africa, on the night that happened to have the craziest sunset we've ever witnessed. To hear the sounds of the sea, the rolling of thunder, the flashes of lightning, and an incredible sunset illuminating these biker boys was such a great experience. 

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