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Gavin Goodman


Jeri Silverman

Support Dancer & Choreo

Shaun Oelf

DoP / Editor

Thomas Roos

Lighting and grip

Silver Bullet Lighting


SKally Boyiatjis

Styling & Wardrobe

Mariel Makes

Music Producer

Katie Buchanan (NY)

''Dark, dramatic, and deeply contemplative, Jeri Silverman’s “Come Undone” is a cinematic unraveling of the soul.'' - Atwood Magazine

A great pleasure to have worked with this team and create this piece together. 

Some outtakes from the premiere page:

''An intimate spark with an edge, “Come Undone” turns an individual encounter into a universally-relatable reflection on insecurity, longing, desire, hope, fear, and more: In many ways, we take out of it what we put into it – and is there any better form of art, than that which adapts to its audience?

The video is a meditation on our relationship with desire in a playful and sensual way. We combined our love of quirky beauty with a dark moody aesthetic to illustrate the concept of things not being exactly as they seem.''

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