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Director / Camera / Editor

Thomas Roos


Jacklyn Blanks


D&A Model Management (SA) & Modelogic Midwest (US)


Sandi Beth Macdonald-Haigh

Get inside the mind of traveling photo model as she writes just another page of her diary and misses her boyfriend at home.


The past beats inside me like a second heart. 
Bygone years are safe years. 
The future a mysterious cloud. 
I try to grab her- but she keeps moving away from me.
In a glimpse I see strangers on the road.
Your fantasies. My fantasies. 
As free as a bird that sings in the morning and silently floats on thin air, into the night. 
No real destination. Just living. 

There is no fear in my dreams. 
Just flowers, strangers, bars, cigarettes.
And in the sparkling silver of the sea. 
There is also you. 

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