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himalaya, trekking, thomas roos, film, documentary, fundraiser

The VSO Himalaya Challenge



VSO Netherlands

Production / Director / Script

Thomas Roos 

Cinematography / Photography
Thomas Roos




There is nothing quite like the Himalayan mountains. Besides the fact that Nepal is home to some of the worlds highest mountains, the Nepali people are among the most humble, and genuine people on earth. But the country faces many challenges, and these go beyond the earthquakes the country has endured. VSO works in Nepal to provide children with eduction and to stress the importance of participation of girls in schools. 

The Himalaya Challenge is a fundraiser event that combines hiking with school visits where they can see the projects they are raising money for. 21 people handed over a total of €148.000 for VSO projects in rural Nepal. Somewhere in the Annapurna region in Nepal, they marked a great achievement in the development of equal education opportunities for children in rural areas.

During the trekking, the participants faced mental and physical challenges and showed that they could overcome them.

This clip tells you the story of the 21 braves that experienced Nepal in a way they will never forget while building up the country and will be used as event recap and promotion for upcoming editions of the event.

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