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Cave Recordings, Indwe, music, rootspring, intone

The Cave Recordings 



Rootspring Music South Africa


Thomas Roos 

Assistant / 2nd Camera
Martijn Roos 

Love Made Visible

Dave Langemann 



James van Minnem

Ronan Skillen

Music Producer

Jonny Blundell for Rootspring Music


Marissa Cuenoud van Minnen 

If recording an album specifically for early life, e.g. babies and children, is not peculiar enough, this was recorded live, and in one of the most powerful and ancient natural spaces around in South Africa.


The use of historic drums and bows (featuring traditional bow-player Indwe), the natural acoustics and the combination of three incredible and different musicians makes this double album the first of its kind at Rootspring Music.

Indwe is a traditional bow player and singer from the Easter Cape, James and Ronan are both percussionists with a variety of cultural influences. Ronan also plays didgeridoo. 


We've shot a small documentary about this amazing artwork and the philosophy behind it, as well as two live recording videos. 

Thanks to a great crew we've managed to shoot this within the three days of album recording.


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