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portrait, amy opstal, diary, visual, life

LIFE by Amy Opstal


Production / Director 

Thomas Roos 



Amy Opstal

She's the girl that believes that what goes around comes around.
The one that hopes for a better day.
The one that won't give up on you.
She's the girl that's unlike the rest.
The one that spends her days smiling, and her nights crying.
She's the girl that would love to be loved.
The one that looks so damn strong, but feels so weak.
She's the girl that picks herself up every time she falls.

This is a visual exploration of the different emotional stages a young woman like Amy copes with in life. This portrait expresses feelings of love, heartbreak, exploration, adventure, happiness, loneliness and stillness.

The clip was used during the exhibition of Amy's photography work of 2016 in The Netherlands.

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